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Apulian Margherita

“Paglione per la Pizza”, tasting the Semi Dry.

“Paglione per la Pizza” is a journey through the recipes of the Master Pizza makers to discover the uses and experiments of the seasoning par excellence: the tomato. Margherita Pugliese is a short and intense story, a compendium of history and tradition. The pizza disk, leavened twenty-four hours, goes into the wood oven seasoned with the only stracciatella, one of the dairy products Apulia’s symbol based on cream and pasta filata. Semi Dry tomato and fresh basil are added only at the end of baking. The intense aroma and the fleshy consistency of the tomato, together with the soft stracciatella cream brings the memory back to the hot sun and intense light of the long summer days.

Ingredients: Stracciatella, Semi Dry Tomatoes, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Recipe made by Sabino Stingone, Pizzeria I Gastronauti, Lucera