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  -  pizza   -  Peeled Tomato: the best seasoning for pizza.

Peeled Tomato: the best seasoning for pizza.

“Paglione per la Pizza”, tasting Peeled Tomato

“Paglione per la Pizza” is a journey through the recipes of the Master Pizza makers to discover the uses and experiments of the seasoning par excellence: the tomato. Let’s go back to Andrea Giordano for one of the most popular pizzas of his Lievito 72: the Parmense.

The success of this recipe is in three key elements. First: the simplicity. Few ingredients all of the highest quality. Second: the consistency. Balancing the crunchiness of the base, which cooks in the oven seasoned with only the tomato, the humidity of the dough, the creaminess of the stracciatella and finally the freshness of the ham, it may sound easy, but it’s not. Third: the goodness. Because if cooking is a simple sum of technique and research but there is no flavor, without goodness where we would find the thrill of eating a pizza?

The tomato chosen for this recipe is the Peeled Tomato. The tomato is broken strictly by hand, flavored with basil and oregano, the sapidity is the natural one of the red fruit. The “breaking” by hand thus favors a small loss of water and allows the pizza maker to decide the consistency to enhance the fresh and summer taste of the tomato. The right base for every successful pizza.


Ingredients: Peeled Tomato, Prosciutto Dok dall’Ava, Stracciatella and extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe made by Andrea Giordano, Lievito 72, Trani