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The story of Paglione is the story of our family.

In 1994 the Faccilongo and Albano families, who have always been farmers and wine-growers, thanks to the ideas of Beniamino and Maria Costanza they initiate the conversion of their lands into organic and then they create their laboratory to process the raw materials, respecting the philosophy of “the short supply chain”. Paglione, led today by their son Nicola Faccilongo, wants to enhance the respect for the land, the history and the food and wine culture of his territory, the Daunia, the northern most part of Puglia, enhancing its native varieties.

Our Philosophy

Each product is a story.

Each product is a story, where we find the peasant roots of the family and the experience that for generations has been handed down from parents to children. The fields and vineyards in the countryside of Lucera, between the “Tavoliere delle Puglie” and the Daunian southern apennine, are organically grown in full compliance with seasonality and treated throughout the year before harvesting.
After the agricultural work everything is processed by hand in our laboratories, in a meticulous and patient manner like the stitches of an embroidery.
Everything is processed from the fresh raw material, guaranteeing the highest quality of the ingredients, without losing the natural flavors and aromas.

Twenty-five years Paglione

Twenty-five years ago we decided that another way to be farmers was possible. We took all the fears, doubts and disappointments by the hand and let them go away to welcome an idea with courage and humility. The idea of proposing an agricultural method that respects the land and it's dignified for the man who works it. The idea of genuinely transforming our fruits into preserves capable of telling our story. The idea of putting our greatest passion, the good food, at the service of our vocation. The idea of keeping us as we are, always authentic.
Our idea had a name: L’Agricola Paglione.
We have given birth to many revolutions, barely perceptible for someone, but completely overwhelming for us. One above all: reaching the third generation at the helm of our company. Our new brand summarizes all this for three years: Paglione – Azienda Agricola Biologica dal 1994.
Our identity, the nature of our work and the date of our constitution: to mark time, to mark every success, to remember every difficulty, to celebrate every new conquest.

Our Clients

``We dreamed of bringing the land together to the cuisine, which is why we put our greatest passion: good food, at the service of our vocation. A desire that we saw realized and renewed thanks to the research, the experimentation and the advice of all those chefs and restaurateurs who chose us. They are the true interpreters and ambassadors of the Paglione taste.``