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Yellow Impromptu

“Paglione per la Pizza”, tasting the Yellow Tomato

“Paglione per la Pizza” is a journey through the recipes of the Master Pizza makers to discover the uses and experiments of the seasoning par excellence: the tomato. The impromptu is the improvisation, in the music and in the arts, or in a general sense in any creative activity. And what could be more creative than cooking? In this way the recipe is born, spontaneous and surprising. Andrea does not know measure or rules, but nothing is left to chance. The anchovies are skinned and placed in oil by his hands, the highly selected knife-point sausage, the fresh mint from the pots of smells placed in the kitchen. The Yellow Tomato with its balanced taste embraces and colors a recipe that is a gamble, but only in words.

Ingredients: Yellow tomato, anchovies, sausage, extra virgin olive oil and mint.

Recipe made by Andrea Giordano, Lievito 72, Trani