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Lo Sfizio Paglione

Oil, tomato and wheat. Ode to Apulia.

The “Sfizio” is a term typically used in the South Italy and here it finds its origins. Indicates a capricious desire, a fun that you want at all costs to satisfy. It subtends a certain amount of enjoyment, the attainment of a small pleasure, all accomplished in a moment of lightness. Thus proposed, the simbol repice of Mediterranean cuisine, pasta al pomodoro, becomes a small moment of paradise. In the dish where are few forkfuls of well-seasoned spaghetti, the scarpetta (mop up the plate with bread), in the end, is a must. The tomato must be worked in the pan for few minutes, to which are added the medium-cooked spaghetti that they will finish to cook with a few ladles of hot water. All is cooked without adding salt. The raw oil is added to the still-burning tufts. The scent is reminiscent of handcrafted tomato puree made in August. The taste is the expression of our land: only wheat, oil and tomato.

Ingredients: Roma peeled Tomato Without Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Peranzana, Senatore Cappelli Wheat Spaghettoni

Recipe made by Paolo Laskavj, Ristorante Il Cortiletto, Lucera