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Santa Justa – Nero di Troia IGP

Once upon a time,

a rebel and outlaw, fearless and valiant, who fought against the French of Anjou. Even under the shadow of the great oak where he rested after the battle, came the echo of the cry of the besieged Lucera people: “SantaJusta take care of it!”.

Then, there was the myth of Diomede who after having sailed in the waters of the Adriatic at the end of the Trojan War, chose the lands of Puglia to graft the vine shoots that he had brought with him from Asia Minor.

Two heroic feats, between myth and history, meet and are exalted in the delicious nectar of this wine.

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SantaJusta has a beautiful intense ruby red with garnet tints, it is a powerful wine that dirties the glass. On the olfactory level it presents fruity aromas of blackberry, plum and pomegranate. The final flavoring is spicy with hints of black pepper and cloves, it ends with light toasting aroma resulting from aging in wood. It is warm on the palate, dry and full bodied with a tannic and tasteful texture.

Label illustrated by Serena Schinaia / Studio Co-Co

Our wines are the result of a careful selection of grapes followed by a delicate destemming and pressing, and a classic vinification in red at a controlled temperature. During the fermentation, the must undergoes a reassembly and fulling process that guarantees the desired extraction of the costituents present in the skins. Fermentation occurs spontaneously, that is without the addition of selected yeasts. The product obtained is subsequently aged. The wine obtained is not subject to any clarification and pre-bottling filtration treatment.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm

Nero di Troia

Fermentazione Alcolica

Acciaio inox con macerazione sulle bucce per circa 20 giorni a 24-26° C


Totalmente svolta in tonneau di rovere francese di secondo passaggio per 24 mesi, in bottiglia 12 mesi. Non filtrato, non stabilizzato


14 %

Temperatura di servizio

18°-20° C