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Dilucēre – Daunia Bianco IGT

Dilucēre is a tribute to the clarity and brightness of our land, to the first light of the morning, the one that breaks the darkness of the night at dawn, that same light of Apulia that made Federico II fall in love. Its intense color in the glass refers to the suggestions of summer, to the long sunny days between the ancient paving and the rose windows of the city of Lucera, between the architecture of light stone, between the vineyards and the geometries of the yellow wheat fields, right down to the foam white of the see of the Gargano coast.

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Dilucēre has a straw yellow colour with greenish reflections, the nose is clean, fragrant and with hints of peach, rose and with a citrus finish. The gustatory phase highlights freshness, sapidity and persistence. Its elegance makes it an extremely versatile wine that lends itself to aperitifs, fish and vegetable first courses,  and white meats.

Our wines are the result of a careful selection of grapes followed by a delicate destemming and pressing, and a classic vinification at a controlled temperature. During the fermentation, the must undergoes a reassembly and fulling process that guarantees the desired extraction of the costituents present in the skins. Fermentation occurs spontaneously, that is without the addition of selected yeasts. The product obtained is subsequently aged. The wine obtained is not subject to any clarification and pre-bottling filtration treatment.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm

Bombino bianco 50% – Malvasia bianca 50%

Fermentazione Alcolica

Spontanea, in acciaio inox a una temperatura controllata di 16 -18 °C


6 mesi in cisterna di acciaio inox. Non filtrato, non stabilizzato.



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